Marine Engineering Artificer 2
HMS Coventry

I was in the same year as Geoff at Kent College, Canterbury. He was a good hockey player and a dab hand on a motorcycle... he effectively introduced me to triumph hybrid motorcycles and here we are 32 years later, that I still remember a good mate and one that should be at Old Boys reunions, getting merry on the melody of family and good grog.

I am coming to the end of a flying career, as a senior Captain on the Boeing 777, a job Geoff would have delighted in challenging and barracking for a laugh!! I attended his memorial ceremony in Whitstable and understandably, his life history was pretty sanitized and little of his school and Navy life were included with any sort of realism.

I hope those who survived the Coventry remember how much luckier they were than my buddy, who as I get older, I think about with increasing frequency.

Capt Stu Pryke