This page is dedicated to the memory of:

Acting Leading Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical)
HMS Fearless

David Miller was born in Thornaby on the 31st December 1959. He was the second child, of which his sister was older than he was, then along came his brother in 1961. He was a son who we were very proud of.

He joined the Stockton Sea Cadets T.S. Fortitude when he was 13 years old. David was a model cadet, winning the trophy for Sea Cadet Of The Year every year until he joined up when he was 16 years old on the 8th June 1976.

When he left the Sea Cadets and the Royal Navy he had just been made up to Petty Officer.

His first ship was H.M.S. Fearless, then he was on The Ark Royal in 1978. His brother was also on the ship. His last ship was H.M.S. Fearless.

David joined the Royal Navy on 8th June 1976, and was killed in the Falklands on the 8th June 1982.