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HMS Glamorgan

An abbreviated tribute to David Tinker will appear here during the course of this year, compiled from information in the public domain. This is a debt we, the veterans of the South Atlantic Campaign, owe to our fallen comrades. Relatives, comrades and friends are welcome to contribute material to these pages.


And when the barge from Avalon comes back
I shall stand watching it, with you,
And your blonde hair shall ruffle in the breeze
And you shall say "I will forgive"
And time will vanish from that hallowed place.
Then will your smile return
Because your youth has come again
And we shall stand together as we watch
The last waves roll in, one by one.

Then night shall come, and we will camp
Around the shores, and watch our lives go by,
And I will cradle you within my arms
And feel your love flow back to me.
Then all the twinkling lights shall be snuffed out
And tombs shall stand erect against the sky
And dawn shall never come.

Then shall the rain come sweeping from the west
And glistening church towers shall ring their peals
And we shall raise ourselves from sleep
And sons shall find their mothers once again
And we shall walk towards the kirk, where
Christ is walking through the daffodils.

David Tinker, 20.4.73, aged 16

Swynnerton Training Area, the 1978 Battle Efficiency Patrol Competition.

Swynnerton Training Area, the 1978 Battle Efficiency Patrol Competition.

2/Lt Graham Jardine, O/Cdt Alan Gibson, 2/Lt Bob Meneer (Acting Sgt), 2/Lt Matt Worden (Acting L/Cpl), 2/Lt Gus Pugh (Gunner).

O/Cdt Dave Pointet, O/Cdt Phil Morrel, Sub/Lt Dave Tinker, JUO Jim Taylor, 2/Lt Graham Martin (Acting Cpl).

HMS Glamorgan and David Tinker

Sunset on the 12th June 1982, at position 51° 50.5'S 053° 31.2'W

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