This page is dedicated to the memory of:

1st Battalion Welsh Guards

Gareth Nicholson. In remembrance of a dear son of Beryl and John and much loved brother of Debbie and Angela

Gareth Nicholson, 1st Battalion Welsh Guards
Born Bridgend 15/8/62
Died Falklands Islands 8/6/82

From the day he was born he was a joy,
A happy healthy trouble free boy.
As he grew and attended school, he was no one’s fool.
Excelled at sport, always did his best. Joined the scouts,

Fell in love with his school sweetheart Lorraine.
Disappointed, the apprentice Carpenter was not to be.
So the Welsh Guards he joined, as you can see.

He passed out with honours, we were all so proud.
Scored the only try in his rugby team, carried of shoulder high.
Travelled the world, grew into a man.
Climbed Mount Kenya, not everyone can.

He loved the life, although it was hard.
Protecting the Queen while standing on guard.
Married at Eighteen, grew up so quick.

Our lives were to change when the Falklands war broke out.
On the QE2 he sailed away. “Don’t worry mum, I’ll soon be home, you’ll see”,
as he waved goodbye.

I awoke one night to see Gareth standing there,
with his arms stretched out calling mum.
I screamed out loud, “No! No!”

Three days later the devastating news came, our son had been killed.
He perished on the Sir Galahad with 48 of his mates.
His grave is at the bottom of the sea 4000 miles away.

My heart aches still after all these years,
sometimes it gets unbearable.
But we all must carry on
and precious memories of our dear son and brother keep us going.

We are all so proud of him,
his courage, bravery and endurance he has passed onto us.
He was the light of our lives.
He will not fade.
You’re our hero Gareth.

Remembered with love everyday.
So proud to call you ours.
By Beryl Nicholson

Remembered by Mum, Dad, Debbie, Angela, Lorraine, nephews Gary and Chris, both nans.
God bless.