Atlantic Conveyor
Atlantic Conveyor


Ship's Complement
  x Officers
y Seamen
z Others Embarked
Displacement (tons)
Dimensions (feet [metres])
  22 knots

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A sister ship of Atlantic Causeway, requisitioned Liverpool 14 April and arrived Devonport Naval Base on 16th.

Upper decks were cleared of all obstructions and prepared as flight decks and landing aids were fitted. Stowage distribution systems for AVCAT and LOX installed and the firemain modified. Aircraft workshop facilities, RAS gear, satcom, and extra living quarters also fitted.

Sailed 25 April with 4 Chinook and 6 Wessex helecopters and arrived at Ascension where she embarked more aircraft. Left with 25 aircraft on board in company with amphibious Invincible.

On 25 May she was hit by two air launched Exocet missiles whilst closing San Carlos and sank under tow on 28th.

Captain Roger Villar "Merchant Ships At War, The Falklands Experience", 1984
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